A downloadable game for Windows

This Game was made during Epics MegaJam 2018 and is not a finished game.

Movement: w, a, s, d

Flashlight: f

Sprint: left shift

Use: e

Left Mouse Button: Shoot

Made by:

iamsardor@gmail.com [Sardorbek Mamasadikov], mmanuel.pires.peixoto@gmail.com [Emmanuel Pires da Cunha Peixoto], therandomdude@gmx.net [TheRandomDude], ramon.j@gmx.de [Ramón Janousch]

Coding, Animation: iamsardor@gmail.com [Sardorbek Mamasadikov], ramon.j@gmx.de [Ramón Janousch] SFX, Music: emmanuel.pires.peixoto@gmail.com [Emmanuel Pires da Cunha Peixoto] Art, Enviroment: therandomdude@gmx.net [TheRandomDude]

Tagsepic, Horror, megajam


WelcomeHomeHun.zip 398 MB


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Loved your game, Its the first game I played in this video! I really enjoy the concept, after playing the game a friend pointed out that I missed something so i'll have to go check it out! Jumpscare montage at the end! 

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Atmosphere was great, found some geometry which I was able to go into but didn't break the game very much. Somehow ended up with 2 wives chasing me, so I'm pretty sure we're either mormon or polygamists. Liked the idea of the ending but the voice chosen kinda threw it off for me. Overall well worth a play and a promising start to what could be a really interesting game and story. Looking forward to further tweaks and updates.

Also sorry about getting the name of the game wrong, no idea why it kept getting stuck in my head that it was called Honey I'm Home...

Really nice Game but whats the code man...She killed me ;(

I don't often play horror games, I don't really like horror games because they scare me and I have to admit this game freaking scared me. It's very well done, the sound design, the jump scares, everything is pretty much done just right to create a very scary experience.

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Thank you for such supporting comment and entertaining let's play, it's so awesome that someone was able to play bugged gamejam edition of this xD. This game was created during a week for an Unreal Engine Megajam. We are thinking of redoing almost everything and maybe will come up with new more interesting plot and game design, stay tuned =) =) 

p.s. promise no bugs xD

Well if this is what you did with such little time and with some bugs, I can't wait to see what you can pull off. Because this had the right feelings for a horror game!